A Dreadful Superstition Grips America

A terrible superstitious notion holds individuals round the world in its grip. Ministers of faith, lawyers, architects, men noted as good scientists, physicians (particularly, physicians), University professors, socio-economic class individuals, labor individuals, individuals of all nationalities, ar its victims.

I was one for forty three years. i actually and actually thought that what my doctor aforementioned was gospel and ne’er questioned him.

What is this superstition? it’s that health could also be obtained and maintained and diseases “cured” by medicine, medicines and remedies. they need not taken the pains to analyze, in AN colour-blind manner, this absurd and dreadful belief.

So what we’ve got is doc, nurses and drug stores (by the manner we have a tendency to don’t have “drug stores” any further. They decision themselves “Pharmacies” I simply checked the phone book.) different medical specialists all participating in these false hopes.

Frightful suffering and sorrow ar the common heap of humankind, apart from the few UN agency have free themselves from this superstitious notion.

I contemplate myself lined up with Natural Hygienists and Naturopathic doctors and that we feel it’s merely superb that the easy facts of that we’ve got may be unnoticed thus usually. which individuals supply themselves as sacrifices to the current nice superstitious notion.

When a theory of health is bestowed of the ways in which and suggests that to “Cure” one thing or they’re about to “find a cure, thus offer North American country additional money” these stories ar publicised as an excellent triumph of “science”

Yet the primary principles of science ar profaned right within the starting and within the entireness of such a theory.

If AN articles is written that lays down in easy words the principles of health, suggests that by that diseases may be obviated and recovery from diseases will surface, only a few orthodox journals of high circulation can print it.

An example is in 1980 once when suffering for forty three years with inflammatory disease and in weeks i used to be freed from the debilitative disease; I took my book to the Regional meeting of the inflammatory disease Foundation. i used to be thus excited to assume that with this book they might fulfill their promise that if we have a tendency to send them extra money they’re going to notice a cure Obat Kuat di BANDUNG.

What a disaster. My husband born Pine Tree State off at the edifice entrance and visited park the automobile. once he ought to the doorway he found 2 clothed guards walking Pine Tree State out. Bodily.

We were shocked. They told Pine Tree State they failed to wish that kind of book at their meeting.

Since then I even have over 310,000 copies round the world and obtain calls and emails daily thanking Pine Tree State for dynamical their lives.

So it’s primarily to individuals, like myself, UN agency believe as natural hygienists believe, to unfold the word. In 1980 there have been concerning 6500 hundred doctors UN agency were telling their patients that what i’m speech communication here is true. 2 of them ar named in my book “I Cured My inflammatory disease you’ll be able to Too”. these days in 2006 there ar thousands additional.

To North American country it’s astonishingly easy.

Eat the actually smart food, breathe smart air, drink pure water, exercise, maintain optimistic and pleasant thoughts, and thus get pleasure from fantastic health. offer our cells the right nutrition and our immune systems can become as God gave North American country within the initial place. Our system can then reconstruct our body and that we can get pleasure from the liberty of no diseases.

There ar currently millions UN agency ar setting out to rebel against what we would virtually decision the atrocities suffered as a consequence of this superstitious notion.

Many who ar unwell and ar being subjected to the remedies and poisons that ar administered to them. medicine in giant containers have the os and symbolization on them however after we get the small bottles as “prescriptions it’s not there.

My mother was told within the 30’s to use AN metal kind product as an inexpensive toiletries. She did and that i believe it absolutely was a tributary consider the manner she modified in later years. metal is inflicting Alzheimer’s.

While medicine might get immediate temporary relief, you’ll feel and grasp that the malady is turning into additional and additional serious.

I don’t have final figures however go searching. within the early years of 1900 it absolutely was virtually unknown to possess heart troubles. They failed to pay time on that in medical faculties. All the foremost diseases of these days, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, asthma, the list goes on and none were minor. In 1960 one in twenty had inflammatory disease. currently it’s one in three

Same with cancer. currently youngsters ar normally obtaining it. Heart troubles ar killing North American country quicker than ever. i’ll attempt to notice these figures.

The Untied States is much down within the world as a healthy nation. have you ever ever familiar of such a big amount of individuals with such a big amount of health issues? Baby boomers ar filling our hospitals with additional illness.

I take my son to the VA hospital because of his Vietnam days and see individuals his age in terrible condition. Amputees from polygenic disorder, overweight everyplace.

I have felt since 1980 that I even have a obligation to inform individuals the opposite aspect. I even have done lectures and television and radio. I currently do that report. i buy individuals asking Pine Tree State to unsubscribe them because of my teachings.

My phone rings daily with individuals vocation, crying, telling Pine Tree State of the five, 6, eight totally different medicine they’re taking. though they decision them prescriptions. I raise every and each one in all them to urge the give from their “Pharmacy” of each drug they’re taking and browse them to the last page.

Then have an honest speak with their doctors.

What do I preach in barely one paragraph?

Give your body what it desires in minerals, vitamins and enzymes and exercise, drink pure water, let no negative thoughts or individuals into their lives and feed our cells to let our system take over the work that God meant it to try to to.

Which is to be in an exceedingly state of health.

If our system isn’t obtaining the right nutrition we have a tendency to ar in hassle.

Will this happen overnight? No, you can’t stop taking the medicine you’re on while not the consent and facilitate of your doctor. Too several aspect effects will occur.

You did not get within the condition you’re in long. you’ll not get into a state of health over night. however begin currently and by summer or sooner you’ll not grasp yourself.

Start promoting healthy cellular replication, get robust muscles, have clear respiration, exaggerated energy levels and have body fitness.

Get supplements that ar advanced Nutraceutical supplements. build a bearing on your health these days. Feel the results and obtain spirited HEALTH.

Take heed of what the Bible teaches of food. primarily moderation all told things.

Stop this insane habit of all lyonnaise foods and foods pre-made. we’ve got gotten into the habit of quick is best. quick isn’t higher. It prices additional in bucks once you pass away and value thousands in medical bills in a while.

Print this in your sub consigns mind. “I am the one to blame for what I eat and drink and do. i’m the one UN agency will build changes thus i’ll live, play and have a cheerful, sickness free life”.

If you facilitate yourself to the current angle you’ll be doing all your doctor a giant favor. he’s overworked and troubled to assist.

Stop searching for a curative. there’s NONE.

I attire each morning grateful for my health. And my state of mind and for the love of my family. I forestall to every day with joy.

I check out issues as they are available up as simply a drag that desires an answer.

I work on the answer. If I cannot fix it or modification it I even have a mental box that I place these items in and that i lock it.

I enable nothing negative into my area. If a negative thought pops in I chase it our.

Can you do this? in fact. Let Pine Tree State savvy this changes your life.

I am here to assist You, facilitate Yourself get pleasure from a Healthier and Happier Life vogue.

Best of Health,
Margie “The inflammatory disease Lady”

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